Now a relatively young veteran, Stuart, served as a sniper with The Rifles for 13 years. He deployed on operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan before being medically discharged and diagnosed with PTSD in 2014. During a turbulent post-Army period, Stuart struggled with substance abuse issues and spent time in hospital before moving straight into Avondale House. Here, he received help in dealing with day-to-day issues, as well as being given plenty of opportunities to build on his CV and prepare for interviews.

Stuart even got involved in a BBC documentary series with Alex Polizzi, a programme that explored the issue of getting Britain’s unemployed veterans back into work.

Stuart says: “I do enjoy living here…You just get help and support. I’ve had a few jobs now and I’ve had to do lots of stuff with emails. I couldn’t use a computer…you get a lot of support.”

Stuart has now moved on and decided to remain on the Byker Estate where he now lives in a 1 Bedroom 5th floor flat. He is settled in the area and can still access Launchpad facilities at Avondale House when he needs help. He worked briefly as the Avondale House gardener and has now started full time employment with a Steel Structure Company.