Jerome is originally from South Africa and joined the British military serving for 6 years in the RWF as Lance Corporal. Jerome did 2 tours of Afghanistan and upon leaving the army committed himself to working in maritime security for many months. Jerome left this employment in August 2015 for personal reasons and ended up back in Britain with nowhere to live and no money to find alternative accommodation. Jerome was desperate to find employment as he needed to support not only himself but his daughter through her education in South Africa. Jerome is a very intelligent young man whose qualifications include that of a qualified teacher.

Jerome found his way to us here at Speke House through Spaces (Single Persons Accommodation Centre for the Ex Services) and was very emotional and worn down with life. Jerome hit several problems once accommodated, mainly around not being able to claim benefits due to him not residing in the UK for the last 6 months. With support from staff he made all the relevant applications and was told he would not be entitled to claim for 3 months.

In the meantime, Speke House advertised for a housekeeper and Jerome applied for the position along with 4 others. Jerome was given the post after attending an interview with the management team and he became a member of the Launchpad, Speke House team. Jerome was also working through an agency doing factory work and was also applying for a position with DHL that had been arranged by the team here at Speke House. He constantly worked with staff to ensure he remained employed and able to support himself financially.

During his time with us Jerome cancelled his benefit claim and was fully paying his own way including his own rent and bills. He was always cheerful and engaged with all other residents and staff encouraging them to better themselves. He is now more positive and feels like he has a better future.

Jerome states that “this is the best place ever and after everything you’ve been through, living on the streets with nowhere to go I found Speke House. If not for here I don’t know where I would be, I couldn’t go home to Africa I had no money. But it’s all looking good and its happy days”

Jerome has since left Speke House and has secured full time employment and accommodation in London and could not of done this without the support of Speke House and Launchpad.