We help veterans make a successful transition to civilian life, ideally within 2 years of joining Launchpad.  Some of those we help have just left the armed forces and some may have been out for a decade.  Most of those we help (86%) come from a homeless background and all of them are struggling with issues such as:  homelessness, poverty, divided families, physical and mental illness and other welfare issues.  Results of a survey in early 2019 show the following experiences of our residents before arriving in Launchpad houses:

While some of the residents pass through our houses quickly, finding a job in a couple of weeks and then moving to permanent accommodation, many veterans relish the stability that comes with having an address and a flat of their own, as well as being with people who understand their predicament and having a wide range of support available.

Outcomes have been remarkable, as shown here:

To quote Sam Jackson, manager of Speke House "Everyone who comes to Launchpad benefits to one degree or another, everyone".  A summary of our achievements is as follows:

  • Opened Avondale House in Newcastle in August 2013
  • Opened Speke House in Liverpool in Februray 2015
  • February 2015, HRH Prince Harry visits Avondale House
  • April 2016, Launchpad wins the "Working Together" category of the nations Soldiering On Awards
  • As at October 2016, roughly 80 veterans reside in Launchpad houses at any one time
  • As at October 2016, 35% of its residents gain employment and independent living and another 40% move on and manage to live independently
  • As at Mar 19, 48% have found employment and 60-70% have settled and live independently with a job or on benefits.

On arrival all veterans gain a self-contained flat, the rent for which is paid through housing benefit or earnings.  Thereafter:

  • All veterans gain personal advice on benefits from a specialist member of Launchpad's staff
  • All veterans develop a Personal Action Plan to stabilise their lives and eventually to live independently after staying with Launchpad
  • All veterans have access to specialists from other organisations to help and advise them on, for example, training for employment, skills, education, medical and welfare support, recreational activities and so on.
  • If veterans have no savings and no income, Launchpad will advise them on how they can gain a grant for household goods through the Services' benevolent funds such as ABF The Soldiers' Charity