We welcome David Parkin who assumed his duties as the new Manager at Avondale House on 9 January, after working at Newcastle Airport as a Manager for a ground-handling firm called Aviator.   Before that, he spent two years living in Doha as the Support Services Manager for Qatar Airways.

A veteran himself, David served in the Army for 23 years.

Born in 1973, David grew up in North Wales.  He is married and has two boys, aged five and eight months old.  He enlisted in 1990 and served with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

Over his 23 years of service, he was attached to the 1 Close Support Medical Regiment on Op TELIC 1 in Iraq and served two tours in Bosnia.  He was also deployed to Northern Ireland, Germany and to Afghanistan on Op HERRICK 12.  David completed his time in the Army in 2013, holding the rank of WO2 RQMS(T).  He will bring all this experience to bear at Avondale House.


David with his son at the Avondale House barbeque this week

A hard worker, David is optimistic about being part of the Launchpad team and is determined to make a positive difference to the lives of all our veterans.

“What I hope for is that, during my time here, I will see that every person has a successful outcome - that the charity is able to positively affect all our veterans.  I would like to see everyone in this building moving on to a house and a job,” David said.

He takes over Phil Old, a Royal Navy veteran, who was our Manager from January 2015.  He did a terrific job over the past 2 years and we all wish him and his wife good fortune in London.