Launchpad is a veterans' charity registered with the Charity Commission (AF&V Launchpad Limited No. 1153185).

80-90% of veterans who become residents with Launchpad come from a homeless background and 100% suffer from one or more of these challenges:
  • Homelessness
  • Poverty
  • Unemployment
  • Broken families
  • Mental or physical illness or injury (about 6% are formally diagnosed with PTSD)
  • Alcohol or drug over-use
  • Other welfare issues
  • Some of the veterans have come straight from prison
  • A few have just left resettlement plans late on leaving the Army, or are briefly in transit from one job to another or one location to another
  • Veterans may have served a few days or weeks to 20+ years in any of the armed forces
  • Their ages range from 18 upwards and can be of any faith, gender, race and so on.

We strive to reduce homelessness.

  • Launchpad provides veterans with accommodation (their own refurbished, one-bedroom flat) and communal facilities, for which they pay rent, either using housing benefit or income or savings, for up to two years.
  • Working with other organisations (see them by clicking here), Launchpad provides support to those veterans to acquire jobs, via some training if necessary, and permanent housing. The charity provides confidence-boosting, character-building and social development activities, working with other partners, to aid their transition and integration into civilian communities.
  • Launchpad aims to get its veterans into employment and permanent housing, and contributing to society within two years.

Working together, we support veterans as they plan a successful transition to independent living

Achievements in the last year have been as follows:
  • 48% of residents settle into independent living with jobs
  • 70% of residents settle into independent living, on benefits and may be looking for a job
  • 20-30% of residents move on without significant change to their wellbeing, but all will have benefited from Launchpad's support
  • 385 residents have benefited from Launchpad's services
  • Launchpad won the “Working Together” award in the national “Soldiering On Awards”
  • Point of Light winners 664 and 665  here
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Where we work

Launchpad has 2 houses - one in Speke, Liverpool and one in the Byker Estate in Newcastle Upon Tyne


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New Manager for Avondale House

Launchpad recognised for award by Prime Minister


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NHSBSA Technology Team Appeal for Launchpad

We want to help the Veterans at Avondale House.


Author: Emma Howitson-Morley

Target amount: £500.00

Amount raised: £67.00

Help our Veterans

Help us help veterans who are in need! The picture supporting this appeal is of a Launchpad resident, Shaun, and you can read his unique story elsewhere; unique it may be, but typical of the people Launchpad's WONDERFUL staff support. Please help by making a donations - go to the donate page.


Author: David Shaw

Target amount: £10,000.00

Amount raised: £82.00


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