Launchpad is a veterans' charity registered with the Charity Commission (AF&V Launchpad Limited No. 1153185).

80-90% of veterans who become residents with Launchpad come from a homeless background and 100% suffer from one or more of these challenges:
  • Homelessness
  • Poverty
  • Unemployment
  • Broken families
  • Mental or physical illness or injury (about 6% are formally diagnosed with PTSD)
  • Alcohol or drug over-use
  • Other welfare issues
  • Some of the veterans have come straight from prison
  • A few have just left resettlement plans late on leaving the Army, or are briefly in transit from one job to another or one location to another
  • Veterans may have served a few days or weeks to 20+ years in any of the armed forces
  • Their ages range from 18 upwards and can be of any faith, gender, race and so on.

We strive to reduce homelessness.

  • Launchpad provides veterans with accommodation (their own refurbished, one-bedroom flat) and communal facilities, for which they pay rent, either using housing benefit or income or savings, for up to two years.
  • Working with other organisations (see them by clicking here), Launchpad provides support to those veterans to acquire jobs, via some training if necessary, and permanent housing. The charity provides confidence-boosting, character-building and social development activities, working with other partners, to aid their transition and integration into civilian communities.
  • Launchpad aims to get its veterans into employment and permanent housing, and contributing to society within two years.

Working together, we support veterans as they plan a successful transition to independent living

Achievements in the last year have been as follows:
  • 48% of residents settle into independent living with jobs
  • 70% of residents settle into independent living, on benefits and may be looking for a job
  • 20-30% of residents move on without significant change to their wellbeing, but all will have benefited from Launchpad's support
  • 385 residents have benefited from Launchpad's services
  • Launchpad won the “Working Together” award in the national “Soldiering On Awards”
  • Point of Light winners 664 and 665  here
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Where we work

Launchpad has two houses - one in Speke, Liverpool and one in the Byker Wall Estate in Newcastle Upon Tyne



Liverpool veterans learn essential cooking skills

Residents from Speke House in Liverpool have been learning essential new cooking skills thanks to the help of local organisations


Author: Craig Downs

Launchpad receives donation to the tune of £3,600

Sing United presents a cheque for £3,660.86 to Launchpad


Author: Craig Downs

James Rose and Dan Smith become ambassadors

Launchpad welcomes James and Dan as ambassadors of the charity


Author: Craig Downs

Drug and alcohol support and recovery programme praised

Up to 30 Launchpad residents are benefiting from the support provided by Sanctuary Family Support in Liverpool


Author: Craig Downs

North East veterans use fishing to help their mental health

Veterans living at Avondale House have been fishing this week to help with their mental health


Author: Craig Downs

Launchpad wins national award in recognition for service to veterans’

Launchpad won the Veterans' Foundation award at Heropreneurs Awards 2019

Helping veterans overcome challenges when leaving service

We provide accommodation and support to veterans to help them transition from military to civilian life.


Author: Craig Downs

Help our Veterans (This is not the NHSBSA appeal)

Help us help veterans who are in need! The picture supporting this appeal is of a Launchpad resident, Shaun, and you can read his unique story elsewhere; unique it may be, but typical of the people Launchpad's WONDERFUL staff support. Please help by making a donations - go to the donate page.


Author: David Shaw

Target amount: £10,000.00

Amount raised: £1,564.00


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